Air Conditioning Services in Haymarket, VA

Cool air is key to your health and comfort during a Haymarket summer, so your conditioner is thus more than a mere luxury. At C.B. Lucas, our NATE-certified team offers a full range of AC services to take care of your system, from initial installation to its eventual replacement. Let’s make your next summer a cool, comfortable one.

To schedule cooling services for your Haymarket, Virginia, home, call C.B. Lucas today at 703.590.3700 or contact us online.

Cooling Systems We Service

C.B. Lucas’ highly skilled air conditioning experts can service any type of cooling system you may have, including:

  • Air conditioners
  • Heat pumps
  • Ductless mini-splits

In addition to these cooling systems, we also specialize in solar-assisted heat pumps and air conditioners, zoning systems, and indoor air quality solutions.

AC Repair in Haymarket

Every repair is as unique as the AC requiring it, so our NATE-certified technicians are trained to handle all types of repairs. You can count on us for reliable diagnoses — and that’s the foundation of every successful repair. We’ll provide top-notch repairs that will last for the years to come.

Common AC issues we can fix include:

  • Not turning on
  • Unresponsive thermostat
  • Blowing warm air or no air at all
  • Short-cycling
  • Water or refrigeration leaks
  • Frozen coils
  • Noises such as banging, clanking, whirring, etc.

If your AC needs repairs, call C.B. Lucas at 703.590.3700 or contact us online.

AC Replacement & Installation

An improper installation can cause a thousand air conditioner problems. When you go with an inferior AC company, you can expect extra wear and tear as well as a reduction in your system’s life span. It’s imperative to assess your capacity needs precisely so our installations are always performed with the best product choices. We represent many of the finest cooling brands on the market, including Aprilaire, Lennox, Honeywell, and Trane. Our technicians are factory-trained, so their skills come directly from the source of the technology.

If it’s time for your AC to be replaced, go with the C.B. Lucas team! Request an installation quote by calling 703.590.3700.

AC Maintenance for Haymarket Homes

C.B. Lucas’ annual maintenance checks are some of the most comprehensive in the industry. We’ll inspect, clean, and lubricate every component, including your refrigerant charge, compressor, and belts. Once we’re finished, your system will perform more efficiently and keep your home cool and comfortable.

Benefits of Regular AC Maintenance

One of the best decisions you can make as someone who owns an air conditioner is to have professional maintenance performed. This will keep your system in exceptional condition, extending its life span, and give you better odds of uninterrupted cooling power.

Periodic checkups will deal with lagging components before they break down permanently. They also ensure that your system is lubricated and clean, reducing wear and tear that shortens its life span. It’s easy to think of annual maintenance as an expense, but it’s an investment that has legitimate returns. It improves your system’s efficiency and brings reductions in utility expenses.

Start enjoying the benefits of professional maintenance! Call 703.590.3700 to schedule a tune-up.

Why Choose C.B. Lucas?

C.B. Lucas is a family-operated company that has proudly served Haymarket residents since 1977. With decades of dedicated service behind us, we can assure you of absolute comfort. We’ve incorporated every service your air conditioner will ever need into our offerings. As a top-rated HVAC company, our results are tough to beat. Our technicians are licensed and factory-trained, so their knowledge is unparalleled. Our service-oriented approach is as important as our NATE certification. We even offer special financing.

Ready to schedule air conditioning services in Haymarket? Call our team at 703.590.3700 or contact us online.

Air Conditioning FAQs

Why does my air conditioner need more refrigerant?

A healthy air conditioner uses the same amount of refrigerant as it did on the day of purchase. If your levels are declining faster each year, you probably have a leak that needs repair. This problem can have catastrophic consequences if left unaddressed because it can overheat your components, so treat it as an urgently needed repair.

Should I leave my air conditioner on all day?

Every time you turn off your air conditioner, you force it to over-perform when it turns on again. If you’re home for a third or more of the day, leaving your system on permanently will use less electricity and deal more effectively with humidity. If you’re looking to save money, up your thermostat a couple degrees if you’ll be away from your home for a while.

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