Licensed Plumbers in Annandale, VA

Plumbing problems in your Annandale home can present a serious headache. Not only are they inconvenient and messy, but some plumbing issues can result in water damage, health hazards, and greatly increased water bills. Don’t wait to get help with your home’s plumbing – call the experienced and friendly plumbing experts at C.B. Lucas. We’ve been resolving plumbing problems in Annandale for over 40 years with quality plumbing solutions. We make plumbing repairs and installations as stress-free as possible with 24/7 service, flexible financing, and timely, reliable service.

For a reliable contractor you can trust with plumbing maintenance, installation, repair, or replacement in Annandale, call C.B. Lucas at (703) 590-3700(703) 590-3700 or contact us online today!

Our Plumbing Services in Annandale

Whether you have a clogged toilet or a broken pipe, our full-service plumbing company can help! Call C.B. Lucas anytime for:

Drain Cleaning

Your drains faithfully dispose of wastewater day after day, taking it off your hands and out of your home. A clogged drain can bring your plumbing to a screeching halt and create a major inconvenience for your family. Whether it’s a minor clog in one drain or a main sewer line clog causing multiple fixtures to back up, C.B. Lucas offers drain cleaning services to get your plumbing flowing smoothly again. We start with a video inspection to locate the clog, then investigate the cause to determine the best techniques to clean your drains without damaging your pipes.

Drain cleaning can also be a preventative measure to avoid clogs and protect your home’s plumbing. Call C.B. Lucas if you notice the following signs that you may need a drain cleaning:

  • Some or all drains are draining slowly
  • Drains are emitting unpleasant odors
  • Drains make strange gurgling noises while draining
  • Black material floats back up your drains while they are draining

We’ll perform hydro jetting, snaking, rodding, and other methods to clear potential problem spots, flush out harmful bacteria, and prevent clogs. Every drain cleaning is followed by a camera inspection of your pipes to ensure that your plumbing is clean and ready to go!

Plumbing Fixture & Appliance Installation & Repair

Plumbing fixtures are unique because they are both functional and decorative. They greatly influence the look of your home, so they need to fit in with your décor and complement your style. You also use them multiple times a day for essential functions like bathing and cleaning. This means that they need to work well, provide proper water pressure, not leak, and drain quickly. If your fixtures are outdated or they are malfunctioning (or both) count on C.B. Lucas for plumbing fixture repair and replacement.

We install, maintain, repair, and replace:

  • Toilets
  • Showerheads
  • Faucets
  • Bathroom & kitchen sinks
  • Sump pumps
  • Water softeners
  • Sewer ejection pumps
  • Utility sinks
  • And more!

Water Heater Services in Annandale

Hot water is essential to your daily comfort. You use it for bathing, cleaning, washing clothes, and sanitation. If you’re constantly running out of hot water or have no hot water at all, call the experts at C.B. Lucas. We can assess your water heater and diagnose any issues. If it is failing due to age, we can help you choose the best replacement for you needs, whether that is a traditional or a tankless water heater.

Our water heater services in Annandale include:

For water heater services in Annandale, including 24/7 water heater repair, count on the pros at C.B. Lucas. Call us at (703) 590-3700(703) 590-3700 or contact us online today!

Sewer Line Installation & Repair in Annandale

Your sewer line fulfills the vital role of carrying waste water out of your home and delivering it to the city’s wastewater management system. If you notice clogs in multiple fixtures, odd behavior when using your fixtures, an odor of sewage in or around your home, soggy spots in your yard, or patches of extra green grass in your lawn, you may have a sewer line problem. A clogged or broken sewer line greatly impacts your home’s plumbing and can present a health hazard, so call C.B. Lucas at the first sign of sewer line trouble. We offer 24/7 emergency sewer line repair in Annandale and can repair or replace your sewer line with trenchless techniques to minimize damage to your landscaping.

Septic Tanks & Wells

Septic tanks and wells allow you to enjoy the comforts of modern plumbing while remaining unconnected to a municipal water supply. Because they are mostly hidden underground, these plumbing installations require expert plumbing assistance to maintain, troubleshoot, and repair. Call C.B. Lucas for these septic tank and well services in Annandale:

  • Septic tank inspections
  • Septic tank maintenance
  • Well pump repair
  • Well pump replacement

Leak Detection & Repair

Do you suspect you may have a leak in your Annandale home? While some leaks are painfully obvious due to water spewing into your home, others are more subtle and can be difficult to detect. Watch out for these signs that you may have leak in your home:

  • Water meter is always running, even when no one is using water
  • Mysterious sounds of dripping or running water
  • Wet spots on floors, walls, or ceilings
  • Odor of mildew in your home
  • Unusually high water bill

Our experienced plumbers use special equipment to quickly detect and locate leaks – without having to tear up any part of your home! After locating the leak, we’ll repair it to stop the flow of water and save your home from further damage.

24/7 Emergency Plumbing Repair Service in Annandale

As a family-owned company, we know that some plumbing problems can’t wait without causing serious inconvenience to your family. We want to be there when you need us, so we offer 24/7 emergency plumbing repair service in Annandale. Whether it’s a night, weekend, or holiday, our expert plumbers are standing by to solve any plumbing problem you have!

Why Choose C.B. Lucas for Plumbing Services in Annandale?

At C.B. Lucas, we’re proud of the reputation we have in Annandale for superior service and plumbing solutions that last. We’ve built that reputation for over 40 years, and we intend to keep building it with every plumbing job. When you call C.B. Lucas, you’re choosing:

  • A family-owned and -operated company that gives a personal touch
  • Honesty and integrity in all our practices
  • A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau
  • 24/7 availability for plumbing emergencies
  • Flexible financing

When you need a reliable plumber that you can trust to treat you fairly, call C.B. Lucas and learn why your neighbors won’t call anyone else!

Let us put our 40+ years of plumbing experience to work for you! Contact us online or call us today at (703) 590-3700(703) 590-3700 to schedule plumbing services in Annandale.

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